At Clearwater Pool & Spa, we are able to offer you blemished spas at a substantially lower price. We also recognize that “blemished” is an industry term that will rarely enter a customer’s mind while they are shopping for just about anything. Most people will subconsciously replace “blemished” with “scratch and dent” or even the term “used” as they track down exactly what they want. While oftentimes there are negative connotations that come along with the words “scratch and dent” or “used,” it is important to understand what exactly the words mean when it comes to Clearwater Pool & Spa.

What is a “Used” Hot Tub?

It is time to rethink what you consider makes a product “used.” Clearwater Pool and Spa offers factory returned spas that have been sent back to the manufacturer (usually during a customer’s return period or “money back guarantee period” to be refurbished, tested and then resold at a lower price. These units can be returned for multiple reasons, but they are solely cosmetic defects and have nothing to do with the functionality of the spa. When it boils down to it, a slight discoloration of the shell genuinely has no negative effects on the performance of the spa, but it will still technically be referred to as a blemished spa.

Blemished spa hot tub

Can You Find The Imperfection?

Why Are Used spas Cheaper?

As with any product, customers will expect to pay less for one that has already been removed from the original packaging by someone else. Think about a sporting goods store: would you expect to pay the same for a basketball hoop that has been on display in the store that you would for a brand new one still in the box? There are no signs of wear on the display model and it obviously hasn’t been used for basketball games, but you still expect to pay less. Just apply that same concept to these refurbished, used hot tubs.


Blemished Spa Hot Tub

Why Buy a Blemished Hot Tub that may be called a Used Hot Tub?

The obvious answer here is: savings. We are capable of selling these units at a considerable discount, allowing those who might not be able to afford a brand new spa the chance to experience the same benefits of having one. While we can’t claim these refurbished units are brand new, we can say that they have been inspected and approved by the manufacturer, which is a process they take very seriously. Customers can rest assured that they are receiving a fully functional spa that will be able to handle the use of a brand new model, for a large discount.

Our supply of these fantastic blemished units is limited, however, so act fast and contact Clearwater Pool and Spa today!