Spa Chemical Startup Kit with Bromine Floating System


You Save: $30.00 (23.08%)

We’ve done the leg work for you! Our easy-to-use, Spa Chemical Startup Kit includes everything you need to start your spa off on the right foot + our Bromine FROG Serene Floating System makes chemical maintenance even easier. Less time playing chemist = more time relaxing in your new spa!


  • Spa Frog Serene Floating System
    • Proprietary Blend of Minerals + Bromine
    • Jump Start
    • Test Strips (10)
  • Spa Shock Oxidizer
  • Alkalinity Increaser
  • pH Decreaser
  • Brominating Concentrate


Product Description

What’s great about the Spa FROG Serene Floating System:

FROG Serene keeps your hot tub clean while eliminating the work & guesswork. Instead of spooning in bromine daily, you simply replace a pre-filled cartridge about once a month. FROG Serene works by killing bacteria in two ways with sanitizing minerals and a very low level of bromine. The resulting Fresh Mineral Water® has a completely different quality that provides the serene feeling you’re looking for.

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