One of the biggest delays & added costs associated with the installation of a spa is preparing a proper foundation. Many people opt for concrete pads or wooden decks for their hot tub.  Each case waits on weather cooperating to install & lots of time to prepare. In most cases, this could delay your hot tub set-up by weeks. It could also cost you around $1500+!

Our Handi-Spa Pad is a faster, cheaper alternative to concrete pads & wooden decks. We include 6 modular pads, which connect together to make an 8’ x 8’ area, to create a more than sufficient foundation for your hot tub.  Set-up takes just a few minutes: Simply place the pads where you want them, lock them together with the built-in connectors, and you’re ready to go. No mess, no waiting, no hassles, no problem.  Additional pads can be purchased for larger spas.

What makes the Handi-Spa Pad so great?  The Handi-Spa Pad is constructed of durable, weatherproof, high-density polyethylene.  The underside of the Handi-Spa Pad is formed with built-in “strength” pockets. It has been tested to withstand 300 lbs. of pressure per square ft. making a total weight of 7000 lbs. over a 21-ft square area. Each individual pad measures 32” x 48” x 2” thick & weighs 15 lbs.

  • We include 6 pads to form an 8′ x 8′ foundation
  • Pads lock together with built-in connectors
  • Color- Grey
  • Strong/ Durable pad for spa placement
  • No need to pour concrete or build a deck
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Add additional pads as needed to increase overall pad size