Soft Soak TRIO® Spa Kit

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Soft Soak Trio by BioLab Trio is a simple spa care solution that ensures soft, clear water.

  • Soft Soak Trio Spa Care System by BioLab
  • 3 Products – 3 Months of Hassle Free Spa Care
  • Pre-Measured dosing makes treatment a breeze!
  • Trio compatible with almost all systems or occasional treatments (works with bromine, chlorine, mineral, ozone, salt etc.)
  • Not compatible with Biguanide

Out of stock

Product Description

Prepare yourself for a special spa experience with Soft Soak; SpaGuard’s bromine-free, chlorine-free spa care system that requires your attention only a few minutes a week. Soft Soak provides a wonderfully soft, soothing and gentle spa environment.

Can my water be sanitized without chlorine or bromine?

Yes, chlorine and bromine are not the only sanitizers that can be used to treat spa water. Biguanide is also an effective sanitizer that kills bacteria while keeping the water soft. Biguanide doesn’t degrade with sunlight, temperature, or affect pH like traditional chlorine sanitizers can. This means easier use!

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