How To Drain Your Spa

Draining your hot tub on a regular basis rids the spa of dissolved solids and protects your spa equipment from the effects of residual calcium hardness and total alkalinity problems. How often you drain your spa will depend on usage and can vary from every few weeks to every three months.

There may be times though that you notice something isn’t quite “right” about your spa’s water. In these cases it’s sometimes more efficient to drain and refill your hot tub than try to fix the water by adding more chemicals.

Foam happens when hot tub water thickens and air jets activate tiny bubbles. Most of the causes of foam come from common contaminants getting into the water: hair care products, body lotions, deodorant, makeup, laundry detergent, and drinks.

An anti-foam chemical provides some quick relief from the problem, but it doesn’t fix it. When household or cosmetic products contaminate water, the only real fix is to drain your spa, spray down the inside and wipe it clean.

Be sure to not leave any cleaner inside the spa before you refill it.

When you open your spa cover, is the water cloudy or does it smell different than it normally does? This could be a sign that sanitizer levels should be adjusted. It’s also time to check your pH balance. When your water pH level is very low, a pungent smell may develop. A musty odor can come from a high pH level.

Spa aromatherapy solutions will only mask the problem that needs to be addressed. First, shock the spa to quickly kill bacteria in the water. Then adjust your water chemistry with sanitizers and balancers made specifically for hot tubs (not pool products).

Sometimes it’s best to start fresh, though. If water still doesn’t seem right after attempts to clear it, go ahead and drain your spa.

Each time you drain your spa, remember to thoroughly clean your filter so that water has a better chance of staying clean.

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