Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? After a long, stressful day there is nothing better than lighting a couple of candles and enjoying a nice glass of wine while soaking in a hot bubble bath.

Unless that bubble bath is in your hot tub.
Some places bubbles just don’t belong, and your hot tub is one of those places.

To remedy the problem first we need to identify where the bubbles are coming from. Bubbles, or foam, in a spa can come from a few different things:

Beauty products

Lotions, makeup, tanning products, hair gel


Body soap, shampoo, conditioners, laundry detergent


Grass, bodily fluids, spilled beverages


Too many chemicals, chemicals not dissolved, cheap chemicals

Now that we know where they come from we know how to prevent them.

  • Shower before getting into the spa
  • Keep the cover on your spa except while in use and for 1 hour after adding chemicals
  • Make sure bathing suits are rinsed with clean water prior to entering the spa
  • Only use quality spa chemicals to maintain proper water chemistry
  • Test the water regularly and add needed chemicals as necessary
  • Replace the filter(s) once every 6 months and clean weekly with water hose
  • Drain and refill the spa once every 3-4 months

But just in case you still get foamy water, here is how it can be treated –

Balance the water chemistry
Sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, and calcium

Use a spa anti foam product such as SpaGuard Anti Foam
This will not be a long term fix, but will fix it temporarily

If all else fails
Drain and refill the spa